Prince Edward Island

how to read part of a string in c

Selected part of the text, returned as a string array, a character vector, or a cell array of character vectors. token includes all text starting at the first character that is not a delimiter and ending at, but not including, the next delimiter. ... More

how to use ride pager

How to Use Rider Switch. by Casey Morris on April 6, 2016. When it comes to catering to families, Disney does it top notch all the way! Although the majority of the rides at Disney World do not have a height requirement, some of them in fact do. Realizing that many families travel with kids with a wide age range, there is a system in place just for this, called Rider Switch. If used ... More

how to pay using alibaba t t

I want to make a payment to my supplier who is in china but i want to use a securer way here i mean for example trough alibaba T/T transfer. I want to know if this ... More

how to open imac dvd drive with keyboard

solved How to open cd drive tray on my toshiba c55t-b5109 i can't find the eject button!! solved How do I eject my Dvd drive without a button, paperclip or OS. ... More

how to make a cold rocess stain stick coconut oil

26/07/2013 Ingredients: Palm oil 200g Coconut oil 200g Olive oil 200g Beeswax 60g Naoh 90g Distilled water 240g Dark Chocolate 20g Coffee Ground (get it free from coffee shop) 10g ... More

how to set video to play automatically in powerpoint 2010

Follow these steps to play your video clip across slides in PowerPoint 2010: Navigate to the slide where you want the video to begin playing. Insert the video clip within this slide. ... More

how to make tarts with puff pastry

These pasteis de nata, or Portuguese custard tarts, are a specialty of Belem, near Lisbon. The pastries have crisp, puff pastry crusts that are filled with a luscious baked egg custard. You can make the pastry and filling up to several days ahead and ... More

how to play no one knows

According to Grose, one crew member would play “King Arthur,” and would customarily be dressed up in ridiculous robes and made to wear a wig made of old rope. The King would be sat beside a ... More

how to make your own tattoo at home

If your nylons have an undies part, cut the legs off and wear the undies on your head for the rest of the tutorial, if desired. Put the legs on your arm like so, and cut the toes off so you can slip your hand through. You can cut some of the top of the sleeve off as well, but don’t cut too much because you can’t put it back on if your sleeves are too short. ... More

how to make hot dog at home veg

27/10/2011 · How to Make Vegan Hot Dogs. Vegan hot dogs not only effectively mirror the taste of a grilled, juicy hot dog straight from the ballpark, but they're also healthy and nutritious alternatives. They can be dressed up just as a hot dog can,... Vegan hot dogs not only effectively mirror the taste of a grilled, juicy hot dog straight from the ballpark, but they're also healthy and nutritious ... More

how to make a cross with keyboard

In the beginning, keyboard's pause/break key(s) have similar meaning to the electronic pause/break, but not today. [see Print Screen, SysRq, ScrLk, Pause, Break Keys ] I haven't see keyboard … ... More

how to make a motor boat with single motor

How to make a motor boat with single motor - ♥ ranhproducts♥. Paper gun,how to make a paper gun that shoots with trigger,Paper pistol,Origami gun,to make a paper gun,paper gun that shoots,shoots 8 bullets,Tutorial,Paper rifle,Paper shotgun,Make a ... More

how to plan a micro wedding

We mentioned that micro-weddings contain all the elements of a traditional large-scale wedding and this wedding was no different. From cake cutting to the first dance as husband and wife, to favors and the most ingenious money tree I’ve ever seen, this wedding was rich on emotion. ... More

how to make a wooden sphere without a lathe

Homemade ball turning jig machined from steel and intended to facilitate the production of neatly proportioned spheres from wooden stock. During operation, the jig's mounting flange is … ... More

how to open many project in android studio

In the Project tool window, click the arrow to open the view dropdown, and select the Project view to see and explore the organization of your new Android Studio project. To read more about changing views and how Android Studio structures projects, see Project Files . ... More

how to put toner balls in

hey Pragya. i would say you can do both of the things. the days you have exfoliated your face, apply the toner using your palms on the face and other days, you can wipe with cotton ball. the whole idea is when you apply using cotton balls, the cotton ball being a little abrasive exfoliates the face as well. ... More

how to make oat milk with rolled oats

3. Coconut Milk. Coconut milk is a wonderfully creamy indulgence in morning oatmeal! How to do it: Before spooning cooked oats into bowls, blend in 1/4 cup of coconut milk for extra creaminess. ... More

how to make a spiral skylanders cake

I sculpted a 6" and 9" cake to make this hiking cake. My husband actually worked out the structure of the spiral on paper. I added a wedge... My husband actually worked out the structure of the spiral on paper. ... More

how to say good morning in aboriginal

Tony Abbott believes the arrival of the First Fleet was a good thing for Indigenous Australians. The former prime minister was throwing his support behind keeping the existing date of Australia ... More

how to make bamboo panels

Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis), is the bamboo species of choice for the production of engineered bamboo panels. This Chinese bamboo is known as the hardest bamboo species in the world and grows on average up to 20 meters tall and 10 cm in diameter. ... More

how to make a helmet in minecraft pc

Using our free SEO "Keyword Suggest" keyword analyzer you can run the keyword analysis "minecraft helmet" in detail. In this section you can find synonyms for the word "minecraft helmet", similar queries, as well as a gallery of images showing the full picture of possible uses for this word (Expressions). ... More

how to raise 20 million for business startup

Each week we round up travel startups that have recently received or announced funding. The total raised this week was more than $22 million. >>Away, a … ... More

how to make orange cream cheesecake

Meanwhile, for filling, beat cream cheese and sugar in a bowl until light and fluffy. Add concentrate and extract; beat well. Fold in whipped cream and, if desired, orange zest. Spread evenly into crust. Arrange oranges in decorative design on top of filling. Chill at … ... More

how to make makeup kit

OK, we all have to start somewhere when it comes to doing makeup, and by somewhere, we mean today, with a well-stocked makeup kit that includes literally all of the necessary products ... More

how to open an event venue

Some of the City's parks, open spaces and streets contain buildings, venues or iconic structures that are listed on the State Heritage Register. In addition to the need for some events to make application for a DA, a heritage assessment may also be required for the event e.g. ... More

how to make an outdoor oven

5/12/2011 In this video we show you how to build an earthen oven. Wood-fired earthen ovens are easily documented all the way back the ancient Romans. Likewise, they are ... More

how to make a spiderman shooter

Spiderman Costume Tutorial: DIY Web Shooters The Amazing Spider-man Movie Rapid Fire & Mega Blaster Web Shooter with Glove Role Play Toy Review One Shot: Origin Of Spider-Man ... More

how to make a chocolate strawberry bouquet

DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberry & Marshmallow Bouquet. For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to make something sweet for my sweetheart! Since we are both doing Weight Watchers, I … ... More

how to make your own minecraft

What happens if you get bored of playing Minecraft? Modding is the answer! From cookies to rockets, mods alter anything and everything in the Minecraft game, but wouldnt it be fun to create your own ... More

how to open a gun safe without the key

11/11/2009 I lost both keys for my Gun Vault small handgun safe. And yes, the batt's are too low for the door to open. This thing is a battery eater. I've owned it for four years and have had to replace batt's often (~two times/year) with little use. ... More

how to make a good photo collage by hand

Quick collage maker tool One of the best photo collage apps on the Appstore and it lets you create awesome photo collages quickly. You can add upto 9 images to a collage. This app comes with face detection tool to create your photo collage with only faces. You can easily flip your photos, add mirror photo to collage & replace photos quickly. ... More

how to make your ex girlfriend love you again

You think about it and you just don't want to date anyone else. You know who you want to be with, and that is the woman that you are still in love with. Your ex girlfriend is everything that you want in a woman, and you want to be able to make her go from your ex girlfriend to your NEXT girlfriend ... More

how to say more in japanese

Translations How to say MORE in Japanese? m?r, mo?r MORE Would you like to know how to translate MORE to Japanese? This page provides all possible translations of the word MORE in the Japanese language. ... More

how to make boulders out of concrete

Plastic containers to use as concrete molds—choose all sorts of shapes for the molds, but make sure that the plastic is strong enough to hold the shape of heavy concrete. If the sides of the container are too flimsy, they will warp and you will get some weirdly-shaped planters (although they may also turn out … ... More

how to pack a punch on buried

Continue to the hallway and you will find the Pack-a-Punch machine there. The other place in the maze that you can find is the fountain in the center. The other place in the maze that you can find ... More

how to put square root in excel

21/09/2006 · I have some data that theoretically should plot like a square root function. I need to apply a trendline, but customize it to show me what the data would look like as a square root.... ... More

how to move gta 5 to another hard drive

11/01/2019 Transfer Windows 10 SSD drive to another PC Situation: I have two Laptop PC's, 1. A DELL VOSTRO with an SSD drive, Windows 10 PRO installed. The ... More

how to make pokeball with gems ball

Flip the Pokeball over and carefully drip hot glue down inside the ball, onto the unglued seam. No one will see the inside of the Pokeball, so feel free to go crazy more glue makes the ball stronger. Make sure to apply glue to all the way around the seam for added strength. ... More

how to make beer from grain

How to brew 20 to 22 litres of beer using a tinned concentrate or kit as a base with 2.5 kg of grain. This is a really nice way to brew. You get a good beer without needing a lot of equipment, or effort. ... More

how to make a campaign

I hope this tutorial is helpful. Be sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions. In addition, be sure to check out some of the tips I’ve put together to get more donations on GoFundMe. ... More

how to open gift card maze

This is for 1 Gift Card Maze. Made in the USA! Recipient must guide the ball through the maze to solve the puzzle and retrieve the Gift Card. Gift Card Maze Prod #1260. Solve Maze to Open. Place Gift ... More

how to play doctor with your boyfriend

"Ok, we can play 'doctor', but at some stage you have to get naked as well. If you get to see me again, it's only fair that I get to see you." If you get to see me again, it's only fair that I get to see you." ... More

how to make cupcakes with filling in the middle

10/12/2013 AI read over a few of the posts about this topic but couldn't really get an answer because I'm wondering about freezing cupcakes, but when you bake then with some sort of filling already. ... More

how to open ruby file in bash

Official Ruby FAQ. If you wish to How can I get the line number in the current input file? As you read from a file, Ruby increments a line number counter in the global variable $.. This is also available using the lineno attribute of the File object. The special constant ARGF is a file-like object that can be used to read all the input files specified on the command line (or standard input ... More

how to say the word serre

LECTURES IN HONOUR OF JIM CANNON’S 60TH BIRTHDAY BRIDSON, PARK CITY UTAH, 2003 Geometric Group Theory, non-positive curvature and recognition problems ... More

how to make a hit counter with javascript

Exercise: Add more points per brick hit, print out the number of collected points in the end game alert box. Next steps The game looks pretty good at this point. ... More

how to make a small workshop area

In the design of my latest workshop, it was more cost-effective to have the workshop on two levels rather than one large area. This would make efficient use of the footprint of the workshop building. In light of this, a set of stairs to and from each level was a requirement. The upper level is used for work with smaller machinery and hand tools whereas the lower level is for the processing and ... More

how to put coving up in corners

Mark the walls and ceiling in each corner and along the top and bottom of the coving (you may want to use chalk for this). Scratch the plaster within these lines to help the adhesive grip. Scratch the plaster within these lines to help the adhesive grip. ... More

how to make a harmonica amplifier plans

Actually, I have a pretty good knowledge of amplifier theory as it relates to guitar, voice, and other instruments. I even have a few nice vintage amps of my own (I just picked up two more - a 1952 wide panel Fender Tweed DeLuxe Reverb and a 1961 Fender Pro - earlier this week). All of that goes out the window though, when it comes to harp apparently. ... More

how to say goodnight in argentina

Find detailed information, trailers, latest news and showtimes about Say Goodnight, Gracie in IMDB: 5.6,Actors: John Malkovich, Joan Allen, Glenne Headly ... More

how to make a fried sandwich

This is a fried bologna sandwich that I had often growing up. I see so many of my favorite sandwiches on here, but I didnt see this one. I see so many of my favorite sandwiches on here, but I didnt see this one. ... More

how to make numbers with a zero before them

Nope. That's not a good idea. You need to count the number of zero stretches, not the number of zeros. Good thing you explained the larger context so we can see … ... More

how to make a good b urger

20/07/2014 If someone calls their burger, the Perfect Burger, it better be a) damn good, or b) referencing former WWF star Mr. Perfect. Luckily for this list, V44s is the former, thanks to its 80% ... More

how to play the bass guitar for beginners lesson 1

Bass Guitar Hand Positions . Bass Guitar Beginner Warm Up . Plucking Bass Strings . Blues Bass Guitar . A Lesson on Constructing Walking Bass Lines ... More

how to make a color gradient swatch in indesign

How to Use Gradients, Pattern Fills, and Blends in Adobe Illustrator How to Use Gradients, Here you can see there are a variety of predefined color swatches you can use to create a fill. When you create your own patterns, they will be stored here. To use these swatches as a fill, just make sure the object you want to fill is selected, and then click on one. To fill our polygon, we are ... More

cinema 4d how to make realistic curtains material

Difficulty level: Medium . In this tutorial you will learn how to use material editor for creating more complex textures with layers and shaders. ... More

how to make call to indonesia from malaysia

It's very easy and inexpensive to make calls out. Get a local Indonesian SIM card. Telkomsel's SImpati has good coverage. Get some pulsa (credit) onto it. ... More

how to open an axe can

Yes, you read that correctly. An axe throwing venue is soon to open in Canberra. A proud tradition for many European nations, axe throwing is set to make the leap from niche sport to, well, better-known niche sport when Axxe opens in Canberra this December. ... More

how to prepare tax return for business disposal

If you use a tax preparation software package, you will be able to save your tax returns as PDF documents before printing them. If you do your taxes on paper or pay a tax preparer, you can use a scanner to preserve those documents on your computer. ... More

how to make instagram videos with music and pictures

Simply input the URL of the video or collection of photos youd like to save off Instagram and hit download. Using 10insta you can download up to 10 photos from the same Instagram post. Best of ... More

how to play media player windows 10

As you may already know, Windows Media Player 12 becomes an optional feature with recent updates to the final version of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The app gets removed automatically, so you might want to restore it back in the OS. In this article, we will see how it can be done. RECOMMENDED ... More

how to put your apps anywhere you want

From your contacts to messages, your photos and videos to your music, your calendar events and your apps. Even the device settings. They're all there on your new Galaxy device for you to pick up right where you left off. ... More

how to make marshmallow root powder

Prepare a deodorizing powder for the dog. Mix together 3 parts green food, which can be wheat grass, or barley grass, 1 part yucca root, 2 parts dandelion root and 1 part marshmallow root. ... More

how to make wendy& 39

19/07/2007 Best Answer: You can get a nightgown at any store, like a Target, it just should be a baby blue color. You can buy keds for shoes, they look like slippers but will be more comfortable to walk around in at night. Tie your hair back in a bow thats the same ... More

how to make visual poetry

Hispanic Poetry in Translation Blog. 18 December 2018. Prezi Awards 2018: The best presentations have arrived ... More

how to make arancini from risotto

The recipe yields 4 servings of risotto but suggested I save half to make arancini the next day. And while it was filling, it was hard not to go back for seconds. And while it was filling, it was hard not to go back for seconds. ... More

how to make your own kingdom hearts character

Don't be shy... make an addition! The owner of this Interactive Story begins with this information and guidance: You make your own story which is set in the Kh universe. ... More

how to make samosa at home by sanjeev kapoor

Social Samosa takes a look at which campaign performed better between Hershey’s Meethe Bahane with Ranveer Brar or Nutralite’s collaboration with Sanjeev Kapoor adding twist to home cooked food. ... More

how to make a balloon rocket go further

16/12/2011 · Tape the balloon to the straw, so the balloon does not fall off. Blow air into the balloon and once it is a reasonable size,hold the mouth of it. Go to one of of the pole/wall, hold the straw and balloon at the very end of the string. ... More

how to put on a rope halter

20/02/2013 · How to Put a Lead Rope on a Horse. Updated on March 7, 2018. Stephanie Giguere. more. Contact Author. Putting a lead rope on a horse is one of the most basic practices of horse care, but also one of the most important. How you approach the horse can set the tone for your ride and is also vital in establishing a healthy relationship between you and your horse. 1. Safely Approach the … ... More

how to make a berkey water filter

Fully fill the upper chamber covering the Black Berkey or Berkey Earth filters, (making sure the lower chamber is completely empty), and allow the upper chamber to completely empty. Use the purified water and empty out the lower chamber before starting the process again. ... More

how to play tap files

Convert tap and tzx files to wav file with their original speed in a special way in order to convert the wav file to a mp3 file with very low bit rate. [30/08/08] Win_TZX2TAP v0.21 … ... More

how to prepare uncooked shrimp

How to Freeze Cooked Shrimp. If you want to freeze cooked shrimp, pick the meat from the shell, spread on a foil-covered cookie sheet, and place in the coldest part of the freezer. ... More

how to make the color red with acrylic paint

Red is in fact a secondary color (orange is a tertiary color.) True primary red is one that resembles the ‘red’ of printing ink which is in fact magenta. In terms of oils or acrylics, it is the tube labeled ‘permanent rose’ that most resembles the magenta of printing ink, and therefore would be a vital inclusion in the artist’s palette. Mix permanent rose with yellow and red will result. ... More

youtube how to make your eyebrows low arches

Arches That Are Low "Eyebrows that are low (aka very close to the eye), like Lilly Collins, typically tell you that that person is approachable and easy going," Haner says. "They also tend to ... More

how to make a nonprofit foundation

The Foundation Center/GrantSpace offers guidance on starting a nonprofit in English and Spanish. Also the ABC's of Nonprofits/ El ABC de las organizaciones sin fines de lucro (Lisa Runquist, Esq.) Want an overview of what it takes to be a tax-exempt charitable nonprofit in the eyes of the IRS? ... More

how to make your own candles from scratch

MakeA your home warm and cozy with these easy diy candlesA ideas with step by step tutorials toA show youA how to make a candle.A They includeA soy candles, how to make beeswax candles, essential oil candles, noA wax candles as well as rolled votive candles. ... More

how to open sql profiler

How to open sql profiler keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website ... More

4chan k how to prepare for rac war

What a lad, one 4Chan user wrote about the convicted National Action member Mikko Vehvilainen, who wanted to prepare for the coming race war by establishing an all-white enclave in a Welsh village. Police found Hitler stickers in his home. Made me ... More

how to play personal videos on chromecast

Watch any web video and your personal photos, videos & music on your Chromecast 1+2+Ultra or Google Cast powered TV. Enjoy the show on your big screen. Enjoy the show on your big screen. With Video & TV Cast you can browse through the web and stream any online video on your Chromecast (movies, tv shows, sports, music and more). ... More

how to make a reflux still at home

Home to a vast range of home brewing equipment, eBay is the place to search for home brew systems such as the Turbo 500 still, as well as other essentials like collectable home ... More

how to make animation youtube video

When we all thought that the era of animated GIF is over, it somehow managed make a comeback and become popular with the crowd again. As more and more people share animated GIFs around the Web, more and more tools appear to allow you to easily create animated GIF. ... More

how to make a welsh dragon out of fondant

lourdes Check out some of the sweetest Minnie Mouse cake decorating ideas & learn how to make a Minnie Mouse cupcake topper with this super simple fondant … ... More

how to make black easter egg dye

Rest an egg sideways on an egg holder and dip in dye bath of desired color, but hold the egg so the top third of the egg stays above the dye bath and remains white. Let dry completely. Pour a ... More

how to make a budget spreadsheet

Make sure you put the take-aways and dining out in the wants category. These I classify as reward items. These I classify as reward items. Now you have a clearer picture of where your money goes, lets start on the budget. ... More

how to make an enchantment table

I think all the castles (where the jarl lives) has an enchanting table. ... More

how to make petha sabzi in hindi

kaddu ki sabzi recipe with step by step photos.Sweet and sour kaddu ki sabzi or pumpkin sabzi made with very few spices.this kaddu ki sabzi is no onion no garli ... More

how to make a homemade emp

Though you have the capability to make a frequency jammer to disrupt cell phone signals, this process does not comply with the rules and regulations of the United States, so proceed at your own risk. Signals from mobile phone towers allow callers to phone different places. ... More

how to make a grass skirt from a plastic tablecloth

Make these DIY hula grass skirts out of plastic table cloths for all your party guests! We're celebrating my daughter's birthday with a Hawaiian theme. DIY Hula Grass Party Skirts from Plastic Tablecloth! ... More

how to read auras exercises

This exercise is harder. Practice in intervals to avoid headaches, 1-2 minutes, then 3-5 minutes (best without blinking), and work your way up to 25-45 minutes. ... More

how to make a plaster cast of your foot

Find and save ideas about Plaster cast on Pinterest. See more ideas about Plaster, Plaster art and Plaster crafts. DIY and crafts "how to make a plaster cast of your hand. A good memory for your family." See more Plaster Cast Plaster Of Paris Art Techniques Ceramic Techniques Clay Crafts Clay Art Short Article Flower Art Art Studios. Artist Rachel Dein & her plaster-cast tiles · Lunch ... More

how to put gas tank on roof

Project Overview. Watch Kevin Tetz relocate the fuel tank from inside the cab of the truck to under the bed, between your truck's frame rails. This opens up storage space inside the cab and eliminates the smell of fuel vapor. ... More

how to make white sauce for christmas pudding

Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce We developed this classic Christmas pudding that's served with a caramel brandy sauce. Packed with fruits, nuts and spices, it's rich and delicious.—Taste of Home Test Kitchen ... More

how to make a yagi wifi antenna

An Easy Wifi Yagi Antenna - A 2.4 GHz WiFi antenna that can boost your WiFi signals for many miles. It\'s an easy to build Yagi antenna project done with some popsicle sticks, paper clips and glue. It\'s an easy to build Yagi antenna project done with some popsicle sticks, paper clips and glue. ... More

how to make baby face cloth cupcakes

Discover the range of Babyblooms clothing cakes made from an adorable selection of unisex, boy and girl baby clothes. Cupcake pyjamas, cupcake socks, lollipop t-shirts and icecream bibs make delightful baby gifts and are made from the softest 100% cotton. ... More

how to make handmade greeting cards for friendship day

So, let's discuss about the friendship day animated cards, ecards, greeting cards, cards with best quotes and Frindship Day Greeting Messages for the loving friends. As we know, we always celebrate Friendship day on first Sunday of August Month. That's why, the friendship day 2018 date is 5th August. Here, we provide you the best collection of ... More

how to make marshmello helmet

Here's the process in which my LED melllo helmet came to life, have any questions find me @ ... More

how to make games recognize steam controller as xbox

24/02/2012 · Please Read Description for full details Logitech F310 gamepad controller recognize help tutorial tutorials profiler Logitech Logitech profiler F310 Controller ... More

how to pass mcquaig word survey

he mcquaig word survey technical manual Thu, 29 Nov 2018 21:53:00 GMT he mcquaig word survey technical pdf - 1 The McQuaig Word SurveyA The McQuaig Word SurveyA (WS), was published in 1967 by The McQuaig InstituteA of Executive Development. It was developed under the guiding premise that Tue, 11 Dec 2018 03:02:00 GMT HE McQUAIG WORD SURVEY Technical Manual - He mcquaig word survey ... More

how to play imagine on classical guitar

31/12/2018 · Classical guitar has frets, so intonation isn't an issue, but a guitarist typically plays more independent parts than does a violinist, and the right hand plucking techniques are very difficult to master. I'd say the younger the better as far as age goes. ... More

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how to make an infp fall in love

The INFP is one of sixteen personality types in the Meyer-Briggs Type Inventory, which is one of the most widely-used psychological personality tests. The four letters in your type come from four dichotomies: So, you answer a bunch of questions, and your type is based on where your answers land you

how to plan a route on google maps iphone

With that, you should see the Send to Device option in Google Maps on your desktop. If not, try logging out and logging back in again. The same features been in Android since April.

how to tell a someone you love them

If youve landed on this page, youve more than likely got a bit of a crush on someone. You might even have found that youve inadvertently fallen head over heels in love with them, whilst theyre still, as far as you know, entirely unaware of your feelings.

how to make a quiz app in java

Create a quiz. Click the big blue Create a new… drop-down list and select Quiz. Give your quiz a name. Note that when the URL for your quiz is created, it will include the title you choose. Now select an option for managing the participant results in the Participant results section. In the Custom messages section, you can add messages that your participants will see before the quiz and

how to write a patient education plan as a table

You can review a patient’s previous plan if it’s been in place for more than 4 weeks. Use MBS item 277 or 2712 to bill a review service. Use MBS item 277 or 2712 to bill a review service. Only prepare a GPMHTP if you are the patient’s usual practitioner and expect to continue to manage their condition.

how to make jeans into cute shorts

And just like that, your favorite skinny jeans are transformed into super trendy (and not too skanky) short-shorts! Pair them with your favorite casual tee or a funky 70s style top to mix a few

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England: Barnsley ENG, Macclesfield ENG, Paignton ENG, Welwyn Garden City ENG, Mansfield ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 3A8

Northern Ireland: Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Bangor NIR, Belfast NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 6H2

Scotland: Aberdeen SCO, Glasgow SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, Glasgow SCO, Dunfermline SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 2B7

Wales: Swansea WAL, Swansea WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Wrexham WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 6D3